text, sound, text-sound,
                sculpture, composition


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Introductory text, June 2021

Roy Boswell (he/they, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland) makes art at the intersecting point of writing, composition and sculpture,

typographical forms bleeding into figurative images, text structure broken down and re-assembled; writing sculpture; instruction and score as possible rules for listening; objects beginning in textuality and music composition; social layers and friendship; radio play.

Roy has a previous MA in Sound from the Theatre Academy Helsinki and is currently completing an MFA in sculpture at KuvA, Helsinki.

2021 (recent work)
Drawing on latex, alginate cast, palm wax figure on blue felt

Milk tattoo drawings 2021

Red nudes after Olivia Laing, 2021

Two museums,
a text for urbanapa festival,
Helsinki 2020

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Alphabet, 2020
A box with a hand-bound book, objects and audio
2 copies available at Kosminen gallery & bookshop
or download the audio for free here.

Rules for listening, 2019

The Hunchback of South Bermondsey
A radio play with Jaakko Pallasvuo,
Transformation marathon, Serpentine UK, 2015